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Have you ever tried to sell your car? It's a difficult, time consuming process that involves a lot of bartering, hemming and hawing back and forth over what's a reasonable price and what isn't. You have to deal with big buyers and little buyers, always trying to get fair value. And if your car is in poor condition, finding a buyer can be even more difficult. However, if you live in Detroit there is a free, public service available for you to take advantage of. "We buy cars in Detroit" the site of Cash For Cars Detroit proudly claims. This service aims to be the biggest buyer of cars, trucks, SUVs and any other kind of car in Detroit, and it's working very hard at making that goal come true. The service has, thus far, become one of the best in the city by making sure that it doesn't haggle or pressure people that want to sell their cars, and always offering a fair price for cars, trucks and anything else that comes through the door. There's also no obligation for people that bring their vehicles in to accept the offers they're given. If you think you can get a better deal on your vehicle then you are more than welcome to take it elsewhere and dicker with other buyers.


Unlike many other car buying services out there, Cash For Cars Detroit will accept people with bad credit or no credit at all. There's no fee or other charges to get your request for a sale processed, and the processing can be done almost instantly once the condition and details of the vehicles you're trying to sell has been confirmed. The transaction, or even just your request for a price, is also completely confidential. So whether you agree to take the price or try your luck with another buyer, your information will be kept strictly in house.


This is the best option for people looking to sell their cars in Detroit. It's fast, easy and simple, and you can get a competitive price quickly with absolutely no obligation on you.

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